About Us

Alphom Advisory was founded by two partners, both of them IIT-IIM alumni. We are a 5-person core team with a combined experience of over 40 years in technology and quant research. Additionally, we currently have a team of 6 smart young graduates, all of them passionate about trading.

We bring with us a set of shared, core values

  • Transparency and fairness
  • Quantification before action
  • Data-and-analytics driven decision-making

These are the values that are at the heart of Alphom Advisory. We are now looking to grow and expand rapidly. It is in this endeavour that we seek to expand our team and hire people who are intelligent, driven and share our passion.

The kind of people who would be a good fit at Alphom, typically have the following key characteristics

  • An analytical mind, with the ability to find patterns/trends where others would not
  • A drive to grow, both personally as well as contributing to organization’s growth
  • A familiarity with and knowledge of handling numbers & data


Nitin Aggarwal

An IIT Roorkee and IIM Calcutta graduate, Nitin believes he's found his true passion - trading the financial markets! When he is not trading, he can be found either playing on the squash court, or looking for someone to bet with.

Sharad Bansal

An IIT Kharagpur & IIM Calcutta graduate, Sharad got into trading ever since he realized it involves 100% logic and 0% dealing with bosses. Always maintaining a cool demeanour even when the markets are crashing around him, he likes to recharge himself with a game of cricket or an energizing swim.


Why join Alphom Advisory?

Being a new company, we are in a rapid growth phase - therefore we are lean and dynamic, and not bogged down by numerous processes or a hierarchical structure that many of the bigger players would suffer from. We provide great flexibility for integrating new trading strategies into our platform, with minimal go-live time and rock solid IP protection.

We also offer an extremely competitive compensation package for the right candidate, a mix of fixed as well as variable components. And we reward successful new ideas by offering a share of the pie - after all, having skin in the game is the best way to ensure that you give it your best!

We have the following openings right now -

C++ Developer

We are looking to hire someone with at least 3-4 years of experience in building low latency systems and trading infrastructures. The person would be heading our development team, and working on both optimizing existing code as well as deploying new strategies. 

Senior Trader

We are looking to partner with a senior, experienced trader - someone who already has a working strategy with proven results, and is looking for a platform and access to funds in order to execute it. We can offer a robust, low-latency system with multiple levels of risk checks, and a lucrative profit-sharing model.

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